Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy St. Jean-Baptiste Day!

So yesterday was basically Quebec Day!

     The poutine was good...? Fries with gravy and cheese! It was pretty good, but I was sort of expecting a snack, but here it's like a meal. By the end of the plate I was feeling pretty sick, and felt sick after. Also, it felt embarrassing to be eating something so fattening, but we were in a restaurant full of people doing it...ha ha. I kind of felt like we were all eating our own tub of ice cream.
     Sister U-fa does not have a licence so I'm driving our car. Did I mention that she has hair down to the back of her knees? And we are changing mission presidents next week!!! President Patrick and his family are arriving this weekend. We're so excited!
     Last week we had a member lesson with a lady named Anne-Elizabeth. She's from Haiti and we brought a member with us, Sister Morah. Sister Morah is an ex-nun! She became a nun, but they eventually kicked her out because she asked a lot of questions and could not get answers. There was so much she wanted to know that they couldn't help her with. She searched and searched, and was so confused because she LOVES her bible. But something was missing. Anyway, the spirit was so strong hearing her testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, how when she found it she just ate it up and how it just makes sense. How the Book of Mormon and the Bible fit together. It was amazing. She knows her stuff, and she is so committed to the Lord and she loves the gospel so much.

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