Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guys. I leave in 27 days. And with that, here's a fantastic quote I found on Pinterest:

My mission belongs to the Lord. 
With all my heart I give my energy and my time to the Master because I love Him. 
Therefore, I'm going to look at every day not as mine, but as His. 
And I will treat each minute of His time with respect and focus and the dedication that it deserves. 

-Elder M. Russell Ballard

That is it. That is my goal in doing this, in making this monumental sacrifice. There are people out there who need help, who are trying to find Christ, who have a hunger for a more fulfilling, more happy, and more purposeful life. It is my job to be the person to help them, through serving Him, through completely turning over everything that I am to the Lord so that he may use me to help those people.