Monday, June 3, 2013

      Greetings from your favorite "Hull's Angel"...Hehe....Hull is the township we live in.

      It is June already! It is summer here. It is so warm, and humid...Which is new for me.

     Dad asked what a typical P-day is like so here goes- We wake up at normal time and exercise, study personally and in our companionship then we basically have from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. to do whatever we need to do. Those things usually consist of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, writing letters etc. A couple of weeks ago all the Sisters in the zone got together and visited the parliament and then had frozen yogurt after.  At 6 we continue proselyting.
     Since I have been on my mission the importance of goals has really pressed on me. Sister Smith sat down and made some visions...Overarching goals that we want to reach while we're on our mission and while we are together. Some of them include things like being fluent in French, being the most faithful (optimistic & diligent) missionaries, to laugh more and have a good time, to have members be trusting enough of us to give us referrals...And then I made some personal visions like being more courageous, being more courageous, being brave enough to talk to EVERYONE, and looking for the best in everyone...I want to follow the promptings of the spirit in any situation without delay. I want to exactly obedient, leave thank you notes for everyone, memorize a scripture a week etc.
     This week we had a good week! Really good. We had SIX investigators at church! It was so awesome, but also so busy! We felt a little like chickens with our heads cut off. We had Daniel, Brian (who has a baptismal date for June 29th), Ricky, Sue and Jocelyne. So it was a busy Sunday but very rewarding.
     Silly story of the week: On Wednesday we taught Ricky at Lake Leamy, which is nearby. There is a beautiful little trail around the lake that we walked while we talked. (Just in case you forgot, we not allowed to teach male investigators alone, we either have to have another female member with us or be in another public place...hence the lake) it was beautiful...but Sister Smith and I got DEVOURED by les moustiques! That night neither of us slept very well, we were itching ALL NIGHT!!! In the morning Sister Smith asked desperately if we could use our exercise time to run to the store and buy some itch relief cream. We did, and it worked...kind of. By afternoon Sister Smith's legs looked like Marge's in the second Harry Potter movie. Her feet also swelled up really bad. Both our legs looked pretty bad. We called Sister Cannon and we took an emergency trip to the pharmacy for some anti-allergy pills, some hydrocortisone cream, etc. Her feet are still a little swollen but the itchiness gone down!
     I know the church is SO TRUE and it really is just Christ's church...Today! There is nothing I've ever done more fulfilling than talking to EVERYONE about it and helping them see that it can bless their lives.

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