Monday, May 27, 2013

     My weekend was good! Really good! We had an awesome week, we almost doubled our previous weekly actuals as far as lessons taught! Also, we ran into John and he "un-dropped" us! He now has a baptismal date for June 29th> I really hope things stay good with him. I guess he had decided to drop us because he had come across some anti-mormon that had said some crazy stuff how we think black people are evil because of the curse of the Lamanites...We answered his questions and he is back!
     We have also been teaching a man named Brian. He has a solid testimony, has read the Book of Mormon but has not been baptized because so far he has been unable to quit smoking. Pray for him this week. We are going to try to help him quit starting on Wednesday. He really wants to quit.
     We have been working really hard and talking to EVERYONE! We fall into bed every night, exhausted. Even though we are so tired we have had a hard time sleeping...I have woken up several times from dreams where we were teaching lessons and I'd wake up and be so confused and panicked that we weren't working...and then realize that it was the middle of the night and it was ok to relax. Silly, silly. Last night Sister Smith was talking in her sleep and she woke both of us by asking some invisible person if they'll commit to praying about the truth of Joseph Smith. Hahaha! So classic!
     Funny story-Yesterday Sister Smith was talking to a lady and accidentally told her (in French) that the book of Mormon is a girlfriend to the Bible...instead of companion. I could not help but laugh once the lady was out of earshot.Whoops! Copine, college, same difference..

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