Monday, May 20, 2013

     News for the week...We had an EARTHQUAKE! ( French...un tremblement du terre)! Pretty crazy! The other morning Sister Smith and I were in companionship study and everything started shaking! We thought the Shultzke's were moving furniture but we later found out that it was like a 5.2. Fun stuff.
     On Tuesday we had a zone conference. It was wonderful! We got to see the Cannon's again, which was wonderful. Also, that afternoon I went on my first split. I was sent out with Sister Robles and I drove the car! Eeks!
     We had a good week.There was a baptism in the YSA ward on Friday and after a miracle and lots of phone calls we were able to get Jerome to go. We have been teaching him and his roommate for about two weeks now. It was awesome! I think he felt the spirit and got to know some of the YSA members. On Sunday we had four amis (investigators....or amis de l'english..friends of the church) at church. John, Jerome, Anne-Marie and Jocelyne. Then Sunday evening it all fell apart. Daniel, our investigator who has been trying to stop smoking called to tell us he was dropping us. And then when we met with Jerome he told us he mostly just wanted to be our friend. He said he didn't really think that the first vision was possible and he had other things to pray about. His roommate had been feeling the same way.Then this morning John called us and told us that the church was not right for him. Rough! Four of our best investigators...poof! Gone!And since we're opening this area we really didn't have very many. Man. Rough. I am feeling pretty sad about that. Not discouraged, just sad. But Sister Smith told me that she thinks it's because a miracle is headed our way. So we're both really hopeful and excited for that. Pray for us to find people in our area that are prepared! We know they are here...somewhere! As Sister Smith would say, "best treasure hunt EVER!"

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