Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello from the Island of Montreal!

     Wow, lots of changes! On Wednesday we got up at 5 to get to the bus station by 7, to take a two hour bus ride to Montreal where we met and exchanged and met our new companions. Sister U-fa, my new companion,  is from Tahiti. She learned English in the MTC and is still working on it. I feel blessed to have a native french companion. I am starting to roll my r's and speak Tahitian french. Sister U-fa is very kind, patient and loving and very people oriented. She has been in Canada for 6 months and is still in her first area.
     Ville-Marie is such a stark contrast from Gatineau. Apparently the Ottawa zone is nicknamed the 'land of milk and honey' and I have seen that already. Yesterday we had one investigator at church, compared to the six we had last week in Gatineau. Sister U-fa was here for one whole transfer before she had anyone at church. But, I have been lectured plenty about how our attitude is what is most important and to not have any pre-conceived notions about an area. I'm remaining positive. Our little branch is so small. We had probably 40 people at church yesterday, eight of which were missionaries. Yes, we have eight missionaries, a senior couple, two groups of Elders and us!
     It is hard with all of these new investigators that I don't know and I am not familiar with their progress and history. I miss my friends in Gatineau. I am having to reaffirm why I am here a everything and the french is really difficult, and we are speaking it ALL THE TIME. I am glad I brought my farewell talk because that has helped a lot. It's a work in progress. "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Yep. I've got lots of room for improvement.
     John was so sweet. When I left, he gave me one of those books about Gatineau Park that includes some very pretty photography of the animals and nature. We are both nature nuts. I was very touched! I really hope he finds the truth and happiness in the gospel. I think he will.
     Sister U-fa heard that I haven't heard poutine yet so she insisting that we fix that this afternoon, It's basically french fies with gravy and cheese curds. Everyone eats it here. There are 'potaterie's' on every corner. I'll let you know...

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