Monday, June 10, 2013

     *DRUM ROLL*.....And I'm off to the "Ile de Montreal"!

     Things here are great! So great...Too great in fact...I don't want to leave, which is probably the reason the Lord wants me to leave, being a missionary isn't about being content. I am getting transferred to Montreal and I leave on Wednesday. The area I will be serving in is called Ville Marie. My new companion is Sister U-Fa. She is from Tahti! She is Elder Sinjoux's cousin. He is one of the Elders that serve in Gatineau with us.
     For the most part , our investigators are doing good. Daniel is doing really well. He is so sincere and has such a good heart. Sue went to church last week and really liked it! We are meeting with her tomorrow. John is doing awesome. He keeps talking like "If I get baptised, I want to..." So that is really fun! I'm bummed that I won't be here to see how that pans out... I'm determined to have a positive attitude with this new change even though I'm loving it here and I love Sister Smith to death!
     This week on Tuesday we contacted ALL day! I was assigned to work with Sister Martinez, and it was so fun. It was all in English, except two people we talked to from Haiti, and that was fun because since Sister Martinez is new and only been in an English speaking area, It was just me talking to them in French! Street contacting is so fun! I love the Lord's work, and getting to talk to people about a message that's so crucial and has the potential to bring so much happiness! I love it! Already I have seen changes in lives, John's changing bit by bit as he keeps his engagements and visits with us.
     The Ottawa zone did so awesome contacted the most people , 3,228 in one day! WOO! So fun!
     Pray for me as I encounter these changes! You are always in my prayers and we pray lots of times a day...

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