Tuesday, July 2, 2013

     This week! Oh my goodness this week! First of all, yesterday was Canada day! Two national holidays in a row, wow! And in Montreal/Quebec since they don't like Canada...It's also moving day! It's the day when all the leases end! So we moved! All of it was done yesterday. We are very much indebted to the wonderful missionaries in our ward, Elder and Sister Bendio,and of course the Elders, Christensen, Smith/Griffiths and Malone. They were so much help! It was a big job. Today we are a little sore. Our apartment still needs to be painted so we couldn't unpack anything or even set up our beds. We slept on a mattress on the floor last night, and it's been fun hunting for miscellaneous dishes and stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to settle in soon.
     The big news of the week is THE PATRICKS ARE HERE!!! Woo!  So the Cannons are leaving. Friday morning the missionaries of the IDM zone (Isle de Montreal) got together and rehearsed a hymn "Each life that touches ours for good" We rehearsed it at the Villa Maria church, then we went to the mission home, and snuck up to their house (in the pouring rain), then Elder Babin, who was just recently an AP, called Sister Cannon and asked her to open the garage door. We all walked in singing and they were crying and it was the best. We love them so much! Then they bore their testimonies to us one last time
     And! Then! Sunday! I was called that morning and asked to give a talk...(eeks! french!) and then we get to church and during the opening song the Patricks walked in with their family!!! Whattt?! I was really nervous, but also super excited that they were there. I feel like I did a pretty okay job. It was really simple, basically my testimony, and a bit about the broadcast, which was what they asked me to do. After sacrament we met their family. It turns out that they're going to attend our ward!!! They've lived three years in Belgium so they know french. They want to go to our ward so their kids can learn more. The mission home is in our ward boundaries. The Cannons went to the English speaking ward. This is so BIG for our war! We're going to see miracles. After sacrament meeting President Patrick came up to the missionaries and said, "Okay. There were 5 less active families in church today, they will all be visited this week and we are going to retain them. Okay? And don't forget to ask for referrals." YES SIR! We're really excited.
     We visited Rachel, our one investigator with a baptismal date, a lot this week. She is a single mom from Haiti. Her date is July 20th.

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