Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello from Cornwall !

     So, Cornwall! It's in the middle of nowhere! It's pretty much the opposite of Montreal. There are cows, and fields, it's beautiful, and I love it! I wouldn't mind living here! The people are so kind it's unreal. Our ward is good! Lots of older people, and they are good members. About 2/3rds of the ward are less-actives. So there is a challenge we're going to take on. We've already got a huge list of  pass-bys to do and people to visit. We're stoked!
     Sister Berg is such a sweetheart! She is from Kaysville and only a transfer ahead of Sister Stiles and I. We have three main investigators right now. Anne-Marie is an 80 year old woman who is a sweetheart and is really close to baptism. She is afraid to pick a date, she is worried that she might miss it because of health problems. If that would happen she would be so disappointed in herself. Next time we met with her we are going to bring the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Heinz. He will talk about the priesthood and maybe give her a blessing. So her baptism could happen anytime, she is ready!
     Then we have Tracy. She is living with a less-active member in the ward. She is really awesome! She is drinking it all in and  really excited about everything we've taught her. We taught her the law of chastity last time and asked her to pray about how she can best live that law.
     Then there is Steven, who referred himself on because he is online dating a returned missionary from Utah who suggested it to him. He is super interested. He asks a lot of questions, but it okay. Last time he asked a lot of questions about the temple recommend interview, and we were like WOAH buddy, let's talk about the baptismal interview first! He's got good intentions, he just needs to learn to get his answers through personal prayers and not so much through Internet and books. We are so excited about him.It is like in the scriptures when it talks about having milk before meat. In the gospel with  somethings, most things, we have to start with the basics and slowly work up to it as our capacities increase. We all need to remember to be patient with ourselves and not be frustrated if there are things that we still don't understand yet. That will come. That will come.  

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