Monday, August 5, 2013

     So this week has been really busy! We really set a huge goal to be working with the members. We keep asking the bishop for people to visit. We visit them and aske for more. All in all, the Cornwall sisters visited over 25 households in the ward last month. It's a blast! We've had so amny less-active lessons and it's been great!
     On Wednesday the Sister training leaders from Montreal came down and spent the night and the following day with us, and since there are five of us, we did splits! It was so fun. Sster Grossenbeck, Stiles and I were dropped off to go visit a less active, but she was not home so we did street contacting. But then it started to POUR! Like HEAVY RAINFALL. Nothing like that happenes very often in Utah. We looked like we had been dunked in a pool. But we contacted Tatiana, a real cute girl that I think thought we were crazy...BUT IT WAS A TOTAL MIRACLE!!!
     She said we could come by the next day and we did! And then she had her boyfriend there with her and we taught them both. It was the best lesson! They had so many good questions and are really interested. We had another lesson with them yesterday! Her boyfriend was visiting from Ottawa so he when he goes home he will be taught by the YSA Elders and we will continue to teach Tatiana here. So, Tatiana and Alex! They have huge potential! We love them already!
     Things are great. We have been having dinner with the bluff family and other members. The weather has been wonderful, and we're going to try to borrow a bike. I'm happy, I'm healthy, we are having a blast and doing the Lord's work. 

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