Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Temple Square - An Amazing Day!

(Note: I wrote this post on Monday, March 11th, 2013)

Man! Yesterday was amazing, and today was just as good, if not better! Absolutely wonderful. :)

So. Backstory. There's a wonderful facebook group that I'm a part of, that's titled "Many are called... but few are sisters"... Which is funny, because there sure are a whole lot of sister missionaries lately. ;) There's about 5,000 members, and it's pretty genius, I think. When girls get their call, they're invited to join (if they're friends with someone in the group), and they can post their call on the page! It's pretty fun, because then other sisters can post and say they're going to the same mission, or speaking the same language.. etc. There's even a google doc on the page that lists all of the calls according to mission and dates! There are 9 other sisters on the page that are going to my same mission that report on the same day! The page is useful for other things... Some ladies that are having a hard time for various reasons with mission related stuff can post and recieve replies and comments of comfort, support, testimonies, and scriptures. It's so wonderful! And it's even useful for other more practical things... Such as... 'Where have you guys had luck finding cute/practical shoes?' 'Does anyone know what kind of bags they want us to take?' ...etc. :) I think it's brilliant. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, a sister posted about putting together a sort of temple tour, during spring break for those that have it. I think the plan is to go to 9 different temples over the course of a week. Anyway, so this sister opened the invitation to anyone on the page to join her on her tour, and asked for volunteers for homes to stay. Since my time is starting to run out (!!!8 DAYS!!!), I commented and said I'd love to join them for the day that they went to the Salt Lake temple, and would be more than happy to open my house to whoever was wanting to go for the following evening! So. That day was today. :)

I woke up, got ready, and was picked up by Sister Krebs! We went to do an 10 o'clock session at the Salt Lake Temple where we met the other 9 sister that would be joining us for the day! Every one of us had our calls already!! (New York, South Dakota, Canada, Florida, Ukraine, Slovakia, California...) The temple was amazing... As usual... Then we just hung around Temple Square and City Creek for a while! It was so amazing to have so many excited pre-missionaries in one place. :) We ran into several sister missionaries there (both future, present, and past) who had such amazing spirits, advice, and testimonies. It was so amazing to feel of their spirits and just to get SUPER pumped about joining their forces in a week!! Super amazing, one of my favorite pre-mission days by far. :) The work really is hastening, and what an amazing work it is! Next time you're at temple square... Go talk to the sister missionries, they're super friendly! Go talk to them... And think of me! :D

(Edit: When I started this post... I intended to go into a lot of detail! But I forgot to finish it, and now I'm being set apart tonight and haven't finished packing and.... Simply don't have the time. :) I hope you'll forgive me, it really was amazing!!)

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