Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two weeks from today I'll be headed to Quebec! So excited.

     Our teacher Frere Sybrowsky served there and the other day he was telling us stories. :) He said that the people who speak french, especially in the countryside, speak with a Quebecois accent. Apparently I shouldn't expect to understand it for a couple of weeks...I'm stoked. :) He is pretty good at imitating it.....It sounds HORRID, but kind of cool and intriguing at the same time. It makes me laugh, every time. Unfortunately our district has found out that I sometimes snort when I laugh and it's become a daily district goal to make that happen.....He also told us a bit about the cold. He and his companion wold have competitions on the cold winter mornings and try and see who could guess the temperature. He said he learned some tricks...If it hurts to breathe, it's below -20. If it hurts your eyes, it's below-10. i should probably be scared, but when I hear about that I'm just ridiculously excited.
     This week was good! Really good! On Wednesday Stiles and I taught probably our best lesson so far. It'll probably be my best lesson in the MTC. :D It was with Jean! The time before we had finally gotten him to warm up to the idea of the Book of Mormon and we asked him to read 3 Nephi 11, the chapter when Christ comes to the America's. A little bit about Jean...or rather, the real Jean, who Frere Startita is acting like, who Frere Startita taught on his mission to Africa) He lives in Africa, LOVES the bible, loves Jesus, but dislikes any notion of any other revelation. But we figured since he loves Christ, 3 Nephi 11 would be a good one for him to read before our visit on Wednesday. Welll...He didn't read it. So! That's what we did for our lesson. That account is So powerful. And it was perfect, because it talked about baptism and how Christ gave the prophet Nephi the authority to baptize. So we had a really good discussion about baptism, authority, the restoration of the correct and true authority...(which was the l had planned to teach him about the restoration, but since he didn't read we had to wing it!!) It worked out!!!  We asked him about being baptized and he said yes!! Our 'date' is April 20th. :) The spirit was so strong. It was awesome. And we both did a good job following it and asking inspired questions, because we were winging it completely! And it was amazing! I'm excited and I'm really excited to be able to teach him as a recent convert before we leave. Pretty awesome. 
     Our teachers asked our district to start doing progressing investigators with each other. We will take turns teaching each other as if we were nonmembers. So basically the same thing we have been doing with our eachers. It's exciting , but now we we are planning for 2-4 lessons a day! We're so busy!

     Funny story of the day: Fere Sybrowsky had a companion that once told an investigator the after you're
baptized you receive "le gateau de l"esprit"...(the cake of the spirit) instead of "le cadeau de l'esprit"...(the gift of the spirit)...Oops. :)
     Another fun fact...The abbreation for my mission is the CMM mission. Canada Montreal mission or...another nickname for itis the elestial Marriage Mission. A lot of people joke about how an uncanny amount of people end up marrying people from their mission. O.o. Not happening to me, I assure you. just funny.
Love you to pieces,
DFTSYPARYS! (don't forget to say your prayers and read your scriptures)
God loves you, and so do I!
Sister Celina Ferguson

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