Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Three weeks left!
     So! Craziness! I leave for Canada three weeks from today! I'm more than halfway done here at the MTC.
    Wasn't conference amazing! I certainly thought so. It gave me the boost I needed. Did any of you go to conference with any questions that got answered? If so, I'd love for you to share them with me, or maybe any favorite talks or things you learned.
     Did you watch the little short program in between the Sunday sessions? It got me SO pumped! I'm so happy to have 'caught the wave' as Elder Nelson put it. It's so awesome to be here and be part of it!
     Dad, I couldn't help thinking about you when Elder Bruce D. Porter spoke about his cheerful roommate that was singing that song for Oklahoma, "Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day..."...i just smiled and thought of you belting that throughout the house. I miss that for sure.
     This week is going better, Sister Stiles and I got two lessons planned and we ended up teaching one to our investigator Jean. He had a really hard time last time ...But this time we totally rocked it!! We did so well!! Our teacher gave us both high fives and only pointed out one little nit-picky thing we could do better for next time. We were untied, stuck close to the spirit, asked good questions, and got him to commit to read the chapter in the Book of Mormon when Christ appears to the Nephites. :) So, YEAH! Best feeling ever!
     The French is coming much better, and my teachers keep telling us we're all doing really well considering how long we have been here. So, that's comforting. Plus this week we'll start getting more into other tenses and such which will really help me speak better French. So, things are getting better! I'm a little sick of the food, but it's okay. On our P-days when we go to the temple we usually go to the cafeteria to eat and boy are we grateful for it. I'm excited to get to Canada! I miss and love you all SO much!!

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