Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

     Holy Cow! Tomorrow I'll have been here for 2 weeks already!! It's less than a month before we ship off to Quebec!Crazy talk!! It's exciting though. The French is coming easier.. Still frustrating as heck, and makes me annoyed.. But I'm really learning over and over again the the french will come when I/and the spirit needs it to IF I rely on the spirit. There have been times already in lessons with investigators when the spirit is prompting me to testify even though I don't know the words...and so I just GO for it, (which requires major trust in the Lord)... and bear testimony in the most broken French EVER, but then the spirit just comes, and the testimony actually is super powerful. Pretty amazing.:) The spirit is absolutely mandatory. We can't convince someone the gospel or the Book of Mormon is true, they have to read and pray and find out for themselves. The spirit is what gives them that knowledge. ANYWAY! Cool stuff.
     So funny, the power often short  circuits in the mornings in the girls residences because of all the blow dryers being used. Easter Sunday we had to reset them three times!! Hahah. Speaking of...Easter was fantastic!! We had our fast and testimony meeting at 7:30 AM with our french branch. :) Then at 10 A.M. we went to sacrament meeting. What an experience!!! The sacrament being served to over 3,000 missionaries (1/3 more than the stripling warriors!!!), by over 100 elders. Super amazing.
     Our April fools was funny. I guess on April fools in France there's such thing as a poisson d'avril (fish of April) where you try to stick a post it or something of a fish on someone's back without them noticing and lots of other fish pranks... Our teacher Fere Sybrowsky hid an open can of tuna in our classroom as his poisson d'avril joke Haha! He is a hoot! The other day he was making fun of how everything in French is so passionate. Foe example, if you'd like to say something like 'everyone' in french it would be 'tout le monde'... or directly translated 'ALL THE WORLD'..Haha:) Funny, funny.He keeps telling us thet we're going to be lost when we get to Quebec because Quebecois is so different. He said the accent is best described as ...Pirate French. YAY!
     I get to watch Mormon messages/conference etc while i work out at the gym. i saw a really cool Mormon message about fatherhood. :) Look it up.
Soeur Ferguson

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